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Tuojing technology, a high-end domestic semiconductor equipment supplier, officially landed on the science and innovation board

On April 20, tuojing Technology Co., Ltd. (688072) officially landed on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

As a high-end semiconductor special equipment enterprise, tuojing technology has always adhered to independent innovation and development. With a series of original designs, perfect intellectual property system and core technologies reaching the international advanced level, the company has emerged in the international market. Tuojing technology said that the issuance and listing is an important milestone in the development history of the company. With the help of the capital market, the company will comprehensively improve the comprehensive strength and value of the company and maximize the interests of investors.

The wave of domestic substitution is expected to match that of international oligarchs

Founded in April 2010, tuojing technology is a leading enterprise of high-end semiconductor equipment in China. The semiconductor thin film deposition equipment focused by the company, together with lithography machine and etching machine, constitute the three core equipment of wafer manufacturing. At present, it is also the only manufacturer of integrated circuit PECVD and sacvd equipment for industrial application in China.

Relying on core technology, tuojing technology breaks through the long-term monopoly of similar products by European, American and Japanese enterprises, realizes the independent control of core equipment in the field of integrated circuits, and enhances the independent control ability of the supply chain of China’s integrated circuit industry.

At present, the products of tuojing technology have been widely used in the manufacturing lines of 14nm and above process integrated circuits in domestic wafer factories such as SMIC international, Huahong group, Changjiang storage, Changxin storage, Xiamen Lianxin and Yandong microelectronics, and have been commercialized in the multi-channel processes of different types of chip manufacturing lines. At the same time, the company has launched the verification test of 10nm and below process products, The company’s products under research have been sent to the world’s leading wafer factory to participate in the research and development of its advanced process technology.

In the wave of domestic substitution, tuojing technology is expected to take the lead in benefiting from the core technology of R & D and industrialization that has reached the international advanced level, and become one of the international oligarchs.

National top-level assistance, focus on R & D and break the technological monopoly

In the field of semiconductor equipment, tuojing technology is an important enterprise favored by all funds. National integrated circuit fund and SDIC Shanghai have successively become important shareholders of tuojing technology.

Relying on favorable industrial policies and huge market space, tuojing technology continues to invest in R & D, attract semiconductor talents, and gradually make up for the short board at the semiconductor manufacturing end. From 2018 to September 2021, tuojing technology invested 107.9731 million yuan, 74.318 million yuan, 122.7818 million yuan and 129.5563 million yuan in R & D respectively, accounting for 152.84%, 29.58%, 28.19%and 34.65%of the operating revenue of each period respectively. It is reported that China’s top ten clean film production bases, covering a total area of 40000 square meters, have been built.

With long-term technology research and development and process accumulation, tuojing technology has become an early enterprise to break the technology monopoly of international giants. The PECVD equipment developed by the company with 100%independent intellectual property rights is the only 12 inch fully automatic PEVCD equipment that can be applied to large-scale integrated circuit production lines in China. It has been used for the mass production of 28nm integrated circuits. At the same time, it has the ductility of 14-10nm technology, and the product performance index has reached the world advanced level.

Raise funds to increase investment in technology R & D and help the development of industrial chain

As an independent innovation semiconductor equipment supplier, Tuo Jing technology is to further improve its advanced technology, enrich the equipment category, expand the application area of technology, enhance the market share and develop the Taiwan market. The company intends to use capital strength to raise funds for high-end semiconductor device expansion, advanced semiconductor equipment technology research and development and improvement, and ALD equipment research and development and industrialization.

According to the development plan, the company will carry out the research and development of PECVD products suitable for the process below 10nm; Develop thermal ALD and large chamber PE ALD; At the same time, upgrade sacvd equipment and develop 12 inch sacvd equipment to meet the process requirements below 28nm.

While strengthening product technology research and development, tuojing technology will also gradually cultivate and improve relevant domestic industrial chains. Through in-depth cooperation and running in with domestic suppliers, promote the localization development and verification of key equipment components, and improve the localization rate of equipment components. In addition, the company will also make use of the comprehensive advantages of domestic equipment manufacturers to provide directional technological development and services to customers, thereby helping the development of semiconductor industry chain and ensuring the advanced technology of the industrial chain.