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Two instrument enterprises are listed in the list of”50 smart companies (tr50)”

Since its birth, MIT Technology Review, founded in 1899, has had a deep insight into the emerging technology and innovative business in each era. From the perspective of looking for opportunities, it has long paid attention to the commercialization and capitalization process of innovative technology. It has not only witnessed the ups and downs of industrial changes in the past century, but also participated in the era changes triggered by the wave of new technology generation after generation.

Since 2010, MIT Technology Review has selected”50 smart companies (tr50) from thousands of technology companies around the world every year, so as to gain insight into the future trend of science and technology.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China’s international influence and scientific research and innovation level, more and more Chinese enterprises have appeared in tr50. Huawei, Dajiang, Shangtang and other companies that we are familiar with have all been on the list. In order to further tap the Chinese innovation forces that are or are expected to change China and the world, in November 2018, the tr50 list officially landed in China, focusing on”Chinese power”; In 2019, the tr50 list with the concept of”China pivot” for the first time attracted widespread attention; In 2020, we will focus on”China cohesion” based on the concept of China’s fulcrum.

With the rapid development of modern life sciences and major breakthroughs in biotechnology, many biological industries such as medical treatment, health, breeding, materials and so on have begun to evolve and transform. A new round of scientific and technological revolution represented by the biotechnology revolution has arrived. In this context, China attaches great importance to the development of bioeconomy, has formulated development goals, issued development policies, and provided development opportunities. With the continuous improvement of biotechnology strength, the steady expansion of the total scale of bioeconomy, and the influx of more and more funds and talents, the field driven by biotechnology has finally begun the era of”China leading”.

Today, MIT science and Technology Review announced the list of tr50 in 2021. Guided by the concept of”sustainable future”, it focuses on the innovative forces”born in China, led by China and serving China”, so as to foresee the future of enterprises capable of leading the tide of scientific and Technological Development in China and the world. Among them, sequencing giant Illumina and MGGA technology were listed on the list of this year.

In 2021, the”50 smart companies” in MIT Technology Review were selected as follows (* the following order is in no order):

BYD semiconductor

Independently developed v-305 three-phase full bridge silicon carbide power module, using nano silver sintering process and AMB active metal brazing. Compared with the traditional process, it has longer service life and higher reliability, and takes the lead in realizing the mass loading application of silicon carbide power module in motor drive controller.

Key words:200kW

——V-305 package 1200V 840a three-phase full bridge silicon carbide power module breaks through the technical problems of high-temperature packaging materials, high-life interconnection design and vehicle specification level verification, and the output power can reach 200kW.

Bose quantum

Adopting the technical route of”coherent quantum computing”, it has a patent system covering the key technologies of optical quantum computers, and has developed two cloud computing platforms, quantum biomedicine and Quantum Finance. Its equipment can operate at room temperature without ultra-low temperature environment.

Key words:100 qubits

——Breaking through the concept verification stage of quantum computing, quantum computing was actually applied in the field of biomedicine, and the quantum accelerated application of molecular conformation generation of protein targeted drugs (tace-as) was realized by using 100 qubits simulation for the first time in the industry.

Black sesame intelligence

The a1000 Pro autopilot computing chip of Huashan II released by it is a vehicle specification level autopilot computing chip with leading performance and computing power in China at present. It adopts heterogeneous multi-core architecture, 16 core arm V8 CPU, and 16nm process. It can support l3/l4 high-level autopilot functions, and has been successfully streamed.

Key words:196tops

——Huashan No.2 a1000 Pro autopilot computing chip is built based on two self-developed core IPS and supports int8 sparse acceleration. The maximum computing power of a single chip can reach 196tops, leading in the highest computing power of autopilot chips in China.

Vision intelligence

Build the world’s leading intelligent IOT operating system eNOS ™, Manage more than 400gw of new energy assets around the world, and set up a new energy investment in eNOS in 2021 ™ It has built the first full life cycle carbon management system in China -“Ark”, which has been certified by Bureau Veritas group, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification service organization, and has become the first carbon management SaaS product in China that has passed the examination and certification of authoritative institutions.

Key words:1 billion tons

——It has provided end-to-end digital carbon management services to more than 300 enterprises around the world, helping to reduce emissions and manage a total of more than 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

Huaxi biology

As the largest hyaluronic acid producer in the world, the fermentation yield of hyaluronic acid can reach 12-14g/l, which is at the world leading level. It is the first time in the world to batch prepare low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and oligohyaluronic acid by microbial enzymatic digestion, leading hyaluronic acid skin care into the”micro nano era”.

Key words:4000kda

——凭借低分子和寡聚透明质酸的酶切技术,以及对多类分子量段的分段控制发酵和纯化精准控制技术,Huaxi biology的产品分子量范围取得重大进展:从 2kDa 提升到 4000kDa。

Kasai biology

The only company in the global biological manufacturing field that has achieved original technological breakthroughs and large-scale industrialization of multiple products and made profits. Polymer grade biological long-chain dicarboxylic acid has realized the replacement of chemical products, and has become the leading supplier of long-chain dicarboxylic acid in the world, and has been rated as the single champion product in the manufacturing industry by the Ministry of industry and information technology; Ten thousand ton bio based glutamine and a series of bio based polyamides have filled the gap in the”list of existing chemical substances”, breaking the”neck” status quo of China’s double nylon industry, and are building a million ton industrial cluster. With the advantages of”renewable raw materials, recyclable products and competitive costs”, bio based polyamide is expected to form a disruptive new material revolution in various application fields.

Key words:100000 tons

——The world’s first 100000 ton bio Based Polyamide production line has been built and put into operation. At the same time, compared with traditional chemical nylon, the carbon emission per unit of bio based polyamide can be reduced by 50%.

Microstructure workshop

承接清华团队过去二十多年的研究成果,推动中国自主开发的 “下一代工业生物技术”体系不断成熟。Microstructure workshop搭建的“废弃资源-降解材料和高值产品-回收利用”的绿色闭环,将极大助力中国双碳目标和“十四五生物经济发展规划”的实现,更将推动全球绿色产业链的发展,推动制造业绿色转型升级。

Key words:30000 tons

——The industrialization of PHA materials, one of the product pipelines, has made important progress. A cooperation agreement has been signed with Angel yeast. The two sides have established a joint venture”Weiqi biology” in Yichang, Hubei Province, and launched the PHA production base project with an annual output of 30000 tons. After the completion of the project, it will provide a wide range of PHA materials and products with excellent performance for the upstream and downstream of green industries at home and abroad, and help solve the problems of global plastic pollution control.

Ningde Era

The first generation of sodium ion battery was released, and the energy density of single cell reached the highest level of sodium ion battery in the world, 160wh/kg. It has significant advantages in low-temperature performance and fast charging, and is compatible and complementary with lithium-ion battery performance. The technology of non negative battery is applied to the research and development of the next generation sodium ion battery, and the battery energy density is constantly broken through.


——Under normal temperature, charging for 15 minutes can maintain more than 80%of the power; At a low temperature of -20 ° C, the discharge retention rate is more than 90%.


Combining synthetic biology with”industry 4.0″, the DBTL closed loop is expanded from laboratory to industrial scenario through the R & D and production platform synbio OS. First product pipeline – Marine degradable material”blue pigment” ™」 The”super factory” with an annual output of 25000 tons has been put into operation.  


——As a degradable alternative to traditional petrochemical plastics,”blue pigment” ™」 It can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 100000 + tons for mankind in the next five years.

Turing quantum

Less than a year after its establishment, it has completed the process from laboratory to industrialization. The core products that have been released include the full system integrated commercial and scientific research level special optical quantum computer turingq Gen 1, three-dimensional optical quantum chip and ultra-high speed programmable optical quantum chip. Feynmanpaqs, the first commercial optical quantum computing simulation software independently developed, has begun to be put into trial use, making up for the gap in domestic technology and products in the field of optical quantum EDA.


——已在实验上实现了单片集成 128 个全同量子光源的阵列芯片,这是目前有报道技术中能实现的最大规模的全同可扩展量子光源阵列。在无需额外辅助工艺的情况下,Turing quantum可以将数百个量子光源的双折射飘动控制在 5%以下,所发射的光谱飘动低于 1nm。

Syngenta Group China

Its business covers the whole industrial chain of seeds, plant protection, crop nutrition, modern agricultural services and digital agriculture, ranking first in China’s plant protection business, second in seeds, first in crop nutrition, and leading in modern agricultural services.

Key words:2.3 million

——Build a modern agricultural technology service platform (map) in China. By the end of 2021, 492 map full industry chain integrated service centers have been built and operated, with a direct service area of 19.12 million mu and more than 2.3 million households linked to agriculture; The online digital agricultural service platform created by map serves 1.95 million farmers, with an online service area of 190million mu.

Ecole creature

We are committed to developing and applying synthetic biological technology to replace traditional chemical production methods and realize large-scale manufacturing of products. It has the leading innovation ability of biosynthesis technology, and can design and customize the corresponding biosynthetic enzymes, biosynthetic pathways and cell factories according to the needs of biosynthesis reaction. It has successfully developed high-performance production strains of human milk oligosaccharide, nemocondine B0, echinocandin B and other products. Among them, human milk oligosaccharide and nemocondine B0 have completed the pilot test certificate and will be put into production soon.  


——Tonghua Dongbao, a leading domestic diabetes drug enterprise, uses the key intermediate sitagliptin produced by ecolay using synthetic biotechnology in its own GMP system. The generic drug listing application has been officially approved by the National Drug Evaluation Center (CDE), which is the first generic drug manufactured by using the”non hydrolase” biosynthesis method approved by CDE in recent years.

Zhongke Xinyang

依托Zhongke Xinyang全球极端环境微生物资源库平台,利用其在西南印度洋 4500 米深海火山口采集分离得到的菌株,开发出耐 100℃ 高温的 SOD ,打开其在食品、化妆品及保健品领域的多种应用场景;2021 年,Zhongke Xinyang通过对细胞硫元素循环进行优化,成功构建麦角硫因细胞工厂,单位产量达 10.5g/L,将全球最高单位产量提升 4 倍。

Key words:25000u/ml

——By using synthetic biological technology, the efficient expression of SOD in Saccharomyces cerevisiae was constructed. In 2021, the unit yield exceeded 4g/l, and the enzyme activity increased five times to 25000u/ml.


The commercialization of post consumer recycling (PCR) resin heat shrinkable film was successfully realized. This formula was applied to the secondary packaging process of dairy products by Mengniu. This dairy packaging process is the first innovative attempt in the food and beverage industry in the Asia Pacific region, reducing the amount of plastic waste in the environment, and realizing the closed-loop application of packaging recycling and reuse in a real sense.


——Post consumer recycling (PCR) resin heat shrinkable film has 100%recyclability, so that the originally discarded plastics can be regenerated. This formula resin contains 40%post consumer recycled plastic, and can make the recycled material content in the overall shrinkage film structure reach 24%, which can produce a film with performance comparable to that of the original resin.


As a leading enterprise in the recycling of resources in China, it has solved the key technical difficulties in the green treatment and recycling of typical waste resources in China, such as waste batteries and end-of-life automobiles, from tackling the recycling technology of waste batteries to tackling the recycling technology of waste circuit boards and the ternary”core” technology of power battery materials. At present, 16 waste recycling and new energy material parks have been built, The footprint of green circular development covers China, and has been successfully deployed in South Africa, South Korea and Indonesia. Green technology radiates the world.

Key figure:15%

——Grammy 建立了“钴镍资源回收—钴镍原料再造—超细钴粉末材料再造—硬质合金再造”的全生命周期闭路循环产业链,将回收的废旧资源进行再制造得到新能源材料包括超细钴粉、钴镍电池原料、碳化钨等产品。其中,三元前驱体占据全球市场 15%,位居全球前三;超细钴粉占中国市场 60%、全球市场的 50%,位居全球第一。

Legendary creature

The first self-developed car-t product, xidakiolensea, has been approved by the FDA and the European Commission for listing. This is China’s first car-t product that has successfully sailed to the sea. It is also China’s first original BCMA car-t product, which has been recognized by many regulatory authorities around the world.

Key words:98%

——两年多的随访数据显示,Legendary creature核心产品西达基奥仑赛对于接受过多重治疗的复发或难治性多发性骨髓瘤患者具有深度和持久的缓解,总缓解率高达 98%,为该疾病提供了新的治疗选择。

BOE Technology Group

At present, a single pixel controllable led special-shaped display product with the narrowest light-emitting surface in the industry is made. In the ice and snow events of global attention in 2022, giant snowflake, as a complex Internet of things system engineering, has overcome the technical problems of extremely narrow light-emitting surface, signal synchronization and so on. The giant snowflake is embedded with 550000 light beads, each of which is controllable at a single point, with a polished surface of only 4.8 mm.

Keywords:102 块

——Based on BOE alot technology system and synchronous/asynchronous compatible terminal broadcast control system, 102 double-sided screens with millisecond response are realized. The high redundancy control system carries out multiple backup of circuits and communications. On the basis of wired control, it is combined with Lora wireless control technology to ensure signal synchronization.

Jingke energy

与同类型 P 型组件相比,N 型组件每千瓦发电能力在特定环境下可高出 6%甚至及以上。Jingke energy高效 N 型 TOPCon 电池转化效率行业领先,于 2021 年成功推出“发布即商用”的 N 型电池产品,其中 Tiger Neo 组件系列,30 年线性功率输出质保处于行业领先,将于 2022 年实现 16 吉瓦规模化量产,使全球光伏最低电价可以做到 1 美分 1 度电。

Key words:25.7%

——A total of 19 industry power and efficiency records have been broken in four years, including four consecutive n-type battery world records in 2021. In April 2022, the conversion efficiency of high-efficiency n-type single crystal passivated contact (TOPCON) battery reached 25.7%at the highest.


G20 + is the first single system vehicle fuel cell engine with a rated power of more than 200kW in China. Its performance is leading in China. The product quality power density reaches 820w/kg. It is loaded from the idle point to the rated point in 8 seconds at room temperature, reduced from the rated point to the idle speed in 4 seconds, and started at minus 30 ℃ to the rated point in less than 120 seconds.


——截至 2022 年 6 月,全国氢燃料电池汽车销量为 10318 辆,其中搭载Yihuatong发动机车辆超过 2300 辆,占比超过 22%。

Drug Ming organism

Crdmo, a leading macromolecular biopharmaceutical company, has 480 comprehensive projects in 2021, enabling 150 projects to submit new drug clinical trial applications (ind) every year. By the end of 2021, its global production capacity has increased to 150000 liters.

Key words:9

—— 2021 年是Drug Ming organism商业化生产元年,该年度共有 9 个项目进入商业化生产阶段,是 2020 年商业化项目的 4.5 倍。


凭借 2022 年推出的 Chemistry X 和 Infinity 长读长专利技术,全球新一代测序(NGS)技术的效率与成本的边界被打破,将促进单位人类全基因组测序成本降至 100 美元。2020 年中国科学家运用Inmana基因测序仪在一周时间完成全球首个新冠病毒基因序列的通报、分析和公开。2021 年全球首个 Delta 病毒通过Inmana测序仪被发现。2022 年,中国疾控使用Inmana测序平台报告了首例确诊感染 “奥密克戎”亚型毒株“BA.2.12.1”的境外输入病例。

Key words:8million

——在全球共享禽流感数据倡议组织(GISAID)发布的全球新冠病毒样本基因组中,约有 70%使用Inmana测序仪获得。自全球新冠疫情爆发以来,全球科研工作者通过Inmana测序仪完成的新冠病毒分析超 800 万条。

Shenzhou cell

It has the first domestic recombinant human coagulation factor VIII approved in China, which can treat hemophilia A A, with an annual design capacity of 10billion IU; Its self-developed world’s first 14 valent HPV vaccine has entered clinical practice.

Key words:96%

——The self-developed 14 valent HPV vaccine can improve the prevention and protection rate of cervical cancer to more than 96%. At present, the prevention rate of nine valent HPV vaccine is 90%.


Mariana marisilicon x, the world’s first dedicated NPU chip for 6nm imaging, was developed by ourselves. The chip has four main functions:real-time AI computing, ultra HDR, lossless real-time raw computing, RGBW Pro that maximizes sensor capabilities, and adopts a double-layer storage architecture to achieve customized integration of image vertical links.


——Mariana marisilicon X has an energy efficiency ratio of 11.6tops/w and AI computing power of up to 18tops, a memory subsystem of trillions of bits per second and an independent DDR bandwidth of 8.5Gb per second, which further improves the performance of image computing energy efficiency.

Minimally invasive robot

Tumai ® The surgical robot is the first domestic four arm endoscopic surgical robot approved for listing and put into clinical application. It has the only force presentation function in the world, and solves the technical bottleneck that has plagued the field of endoscopic surgical robots for decades. Currently, there are three flagship products, dragonfly eye ® Three dimensional electronic laparoscopy, tumai ® Surgical robot and swan ® Orthopedic surgical robots have been approved for marketing.

Key words:5000km

——Through the breakthrough of 5g remote teleoperation control, large capacity image remote real-time transmission and other core technologies, tumai minimizes the delay of image and control, realizes 5g remote surgery with a communication distance of more than 5000km, and realizes the function of real-time monitoring and early warning of network communication quality, so as to ensure the safe and smooth completion of surgery. In June 2022, Xinjiang Kezhou people’s Hospital and Jiangsu Provincial People’s hospital completed three cases of ultra remote urological surgery through 5g connection, which is by far the world’s longest distance 5g remote robotic surgery.

Yasheng medicine

All projects under research are original new drugs with new compound structures. Its first commercial product, orebatinib, was listed in China in November 2021 for the treatment of T315I mutant chronic myeloid leukemia drug-resistant patients, officially opening the era of three generations of”Gleevec” treatment in China.

Keywords:13 年

——Orebatinib (hqp1351) is the world’s second and China’s first listed third-generation bcr-abl inhibitor. From the project approval to the listing, the research and development of orebatinib took 13 years.

Sany Heavy Industry

Pay attention to unmanned and intelligent, and have realized the real-time interconnection of nearly 10000 production equipment and more than 100000 kinds of materials; After joining the electric track, the new energy heavy trucks sold in 2021 accounted for 14.33%of the domestic market share. It has successively launched the world’s first 38 ton”mass production” electric large excavation and the first sy215 electric medium excavation products, becoming the first enterprise in the global industry to cover electric small excavation, electric medium excavation and electric large excavation.

Keywords:10 亿

—— 2021 年Sany Heavy Industry电动搅拌车、电动自卸车、电动起重机销售实现重大突破,取得年度销量冠军。电动化工程车辆产品销量破千台,销售额近 10 亿元,市场份额均居行业第一。


推出 3D 仿真模拟开放式平台 NVIDIA Omniverse,该平台专为虚拟协作和物理级准确的实时模拟打造,可作为建造元宇宙的基础设施,且能将各个独立的 3D 设计世界连接到一个共享虚拟空间。国家航天局和中央广播电视总台(China Media Group,CMG)2022 年联合出品的大型 8K 科学纪录片《你好!火星》,就大规模运用了 NVIDIA Omniverse 营造沉浸式体验。

关键词:300 万

——目前,使用 NVIDIA 技术的开发人员数量已增至近 300 万,在过去五年增长了六倍。NVIDIA 还为开发者创建了覆盖图形、AI、数据科学和机器人等的数百个加速库。


提出了一种全新的药物筛选方法——即“让小鼠做评判官”,反向思维筛选靶点的药物筛选方法。现已经建成了 RenMab 平台,这是目前全球基因原位替换最全的全人抗体小鼠。


——“千鼠万抗”计划采用了循证体内筛选方法,2021 年已经在 RenMab 平台敲除近 1000 个基因,针对这些靶点的抗体药物开发正在快速推进。




——量产无钴电池能量密度为 240Wh/kg,容量为 115Ah-MEB,循环寿命可达 3000 次以上,能顺利通过 150℃ 的热箱测试和 140%SOC 的过充测试。


2021 年 6 月,纽福斯旗下 AAV 基因药物 NR082 用于 Leber 遗传性视神经病变(LHON)的临床 I 期试验在中国完成首例患者给药,系中国第一例眼科基因治疗 LHON 注册性临床给药。


—— Leber 遗传性视神经病变(LHON)是一种危害严重的眼科罕见遗传疾病,中国约有 12.6 万病人,目前临床上尚无针对 Leber 遗传性视神经病变的有效疗法或治愈手段,纽福斯在研疗法有望为 LHON 患者带来一次性治愈的希望。


系国内首家在研管线进入临床阶段的 AI 制药公司,已开发超 30 条自研管线、10 余个对外合作项目。其中针对 IPF 的管线也是首个由 AI 设计的全新靶点和全新化合物分子。


——针对肺纤维化(IPF)的在研管线从发现靶点和设计化合物、提名临床前候选化合物(PCC)到进入首次人体试验,再到开启临床 1 期试验,历时不到 30 个月。


中国首个获得 NMPA 批准的拥有完备自主知识产权的国产全磁悬浮式人工心脏,属于国内首创医疗器械。




自主研发光子计算处理器 PACE(Photonic Arithmetic Computing Engine,光子计算引擎),通过 3D 封装创新实现了光子芯片同传统电子芯片融合协作的新型运行方式,展现光子计算性能的优异性。


——在一个光子芯片上集成光子器件超过 10000 个,运行 1GHz 系统时钟,其运行单一计算性能的速度是目前市场上高端 GPU 的数百倍。


发布了具有高能效比的三代乘用车辅助驾驶产品 HPilot,其 HPilot 3.0 是中国第一个重感知辅助驾驶系统、第一个可大规模量产的城市 NOH。

Keywords:1000 万公里

——用时 390 天,毫末用户辅助驾驶行驶里程突破 1000 万公里。毫末 HPilot 月度搭载平均增速已超 200%,基本完成自动驾驶数据闭环搭建。


镁伽鲲鹏实验室为国内自主研发的智能自动化生物实验室,目前已在类器官、细胞基因治疗、基因编辑等多项生命科学垂直细分领域取得重要进展。其中在类器官领域,已成功培养出具有 2 波段跳动和显著腔室结构的心脏类器官、具有脑室和清晰神经结构的脑类器官等数十种具有极高价值的类器官模型。


——镁伽鲲鹏实验室的自动化平台可将生物大分子定向进化通量提升 10 倍,达到单台设备每天进化超过 4000 个样品。


掌握 mRNA 核心递送技术,具备 LNP 递送体系的底层创新能力,能够针对不同应用场景开发 LNP,其中靶向肝脏的蛋白表达处于全球领先水平。近期,与百济神州达成 mRNA 疗法和递送技术的战略合作。


——专有的 LNP 技术平台能够设计并构建上万种可离子化类磷脂库,并筛选出不同治疗场景的最佳 LNP,现有构建超 5000 个 LNP 库。


发射全球首个太空商业采矿机器人“起源太空 NEO-01”,发射全球首个光学 + 紫外双波段天文商业太空望远镜“仰望一号”,实现多颗太空资源航天器在轨部署。其中,“仰望一号”在光学和近紫外波段观测层面取得极大突破,不仅是中国首个光学波段商业太空望远镜,也是除欧美外首个被国际天文学联合会小行星中心正式编号的空间天文台站。 


——“仰望一号”是中国首个完成全天域(4π 立体角)光学波段巡天的商业太空望远镜。


基于多年可重构架构技术积累,3 年量产 3 款高能效智能芯片,细分领域市场占有率超 60%。面向云端市场的 TX8 高算力芯片采用内生 Scale-out 架构,有力支撑智算中心向 Z 级算力迈进。

Keywords:10 倍

——可重构计算在算力、能效和灵活性方面具有显著的综合优势,极大拓展了智能算力的覆盖范围,在人工智能走入万亿级参数大模型的今天,有望将智算中心的综合效能提升 10 倍以上。



关键词:27 个月

——新冠中和抗体安巴韦单抗和罗米司韦单抗联合疗法从最初的实验室研究,到完成全球三期临床试验并最终实现商业化上市,仅用了 27 个月的时间。云豹智能

开发出高性能网络、存储和安全的可编程引擎 DPE 技术,自研全功能云霄 DPU,支持 Virtio 虚拟化,可以提供 2x25G 高性能以太网接口,能够让裸金属、虚拟机和容器云服务一体化,在低投入和降低运维成本的情况下,聚焦 25G 到 100G 市场。

Keywords:12 个月

——全功能云霄 DPU 仅花了 12 个月时间就实现了从产品定义到产品量产。


突破多项关键技术,建成世界首套单机容量最大的 100MW 先进压缩空气储能和世界首套 10MW 盐穴先进压缩空气储能两个国家示范电站项目,实现了压缩空气储能技术应用与工程突破。


——成功落地的世界首套具有完全自主知识产权的 100MW 先进压缩空气储能电站,系统设计效率达 70.4%,相较国际同类工程效率提高 10-20%。


专注于类脑智能研究与开发,其发布的边缘视觉智能解决方案 Speck,成功与全球知名手机模组厂商深入开发合作,推出轻量级智能视觉模组,已与中电海康等公司在智能安防等领域达成深度合作,并预计在 2022 年开始 Speck 的小规模量产。


——发布全球首款动态视觉智能传感器、感算一体 SoC 方案Speck,整体功耗小于 1mW,实时性提升 10 倍,系统成本下降 10 倍。


开发的 “免开颅微创植入式高通量柔性脑机接口系统”为国内首创技术,未来可应用于临床重大脑疾病诊治和脑功能探索,是解决渐冻症、高位截瘫、癫痫等重大脑疾病的重要手段。目前已完成在鼠、兔、猴等多种动物模型上的应用测试,临床试验已通过伦理审批,将于近期进行人体临床试验。




国际首创搭建出完全自主知识产权的元宇宙空间智能操作系统,实现 80%以上数据生产工作自动化,达成多名玩家多端实时交互的创新突破。宸境成立近三年,成立了中国第一个空间智能示范区,成为中国第一家有测绘资质的元宇宙公司。


——目前涵盖有 395 个城市与地区的 POI(Point of Interest,兴趣点)数据,已有上百平方公里的空间数据,预计今年完成一线城市核心区域的空间数据采集。


团队自 2012 年开始从事高通量合成生物学方法与平台的探索,致力于利用算法全面引导 BioFoundry 平台对复杂生物系统构建与优化;其于 2021 年完成全新的 FoundryOS 架构搭建,为其核心自动化系统与研发算法提供底层支持。


—— LifeFoundry 的 D.A.R.W.In.™ 系统平均每天可以精准构建 1000 个以上具有独特基因型的生物体。


深开鸿基于 OpenHarmony,专注技术研发与持续创新。以一个 KaihongOS 底座,一个超级终端管理平台,聚合成深开鸿场景化超级终端解决方案,赋能千行百业数字化、智慧化的转型升级。积极推动 OpenHarmony 生态商业落地,目前已推出面向金融、商显、教育行业的 KaihongOS 发行版,是中国首个实现 OpenHarmony 商业落地的公司。

Keywords:100 万行

——深开鸿已累计贡献 OpenHarmony 开源项目代码量超过 100 万行,主导了 4 个 SIG(Special Interest Group) 组,参与了 12 个 SIG 组的技术共建,并是开放原子开源基金会的白金捐赠人、OpenHarmony 开源项目 B 类捐赠人。




——优脑银河的 pBFS 技术,能够定位大脑的 213 个功能区,并在此基础上确定多个与脑功能疾病相关的神经环路。基于此技术对疾病进行探索,可能对很多难治的脑功能性疾病带来全新的诊断和干预方法。


国内最早开展细胞培养肉研发的科技企业,团队从 2009 年开始干细胞成肌诱导分化研究,研制出我国第一块细胞培养肉产品,成果打破了国外培养肉生产技术的垄断。


——完成了国内细胞培养肉领域从 0 到 1 的跨越,预计 2022 年底完成小试生产线的建设,实现产品的大批量生产。


在资阳、武汉、昆明 3 家工厂实现了 100%可再生电力酿造,其武汉工厂作为百威在中国的第一家工厂,在电力、工艺、包装等方面全力开展节能降耗行动,率先实现“碳中和”。百威在中国全年减少碳排放接近十万吨,相当于多种 460 万棵树。


——武汉工厂全面实现 100%使用可再生电力酿造啤酒,成为百威全球首家碳中和啤酒厂。



Keywords:1.97 亿

—— 2021 年非洲智能机市场占有率超过 40%,稳居第一。2021 年传音手机整体出货量约 1.97 亿部,全球排名第三。