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Watch more than 2000 people! The 8th electronic microscopy network conference (ICEM 2022) opened on the first day!

From July 26 to 29, 2022, the instrument information network ( and the Chinese society of electron microscopy ( jointly hosted the”eighth electron microscopy network conference (ICEM 2022)”. ICEM 2022 invites well-known electronic microscopy experts in the industry to share wonderful reports online around the current research and application hotspot of electronic microscopy. It is divided into six theme sessions:electron microscopy technology and application progress, in-situ electron microscopy technology and application, application of electron microscopy technology in advanced materials, electron microscope experimental operation technology and experience sharing, application of electron microscopy technology in the field of materials, and application of electron microscopy technology in the field of life sciences.

On July 26, 16 experts in the field of electron microscopy gathered and shared wonderful reports on the two themes of electron microscopy technology and application progress and in situ electron microscopy technology and application. On the first day of the meeting, the audience exceeded 2000!

Electronic microscopy technology and application theme venue

Host:Tian He, permanent professor of Zhejiang University