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With the same liquid quality, where does a good hand come from| This kit is a breakthrough in health research

Where does the liquid hand come from? Great hands come from Agilent’s excellent users. Agilent launches the first episode of the liquid hand series——Scientific research kit of bleck Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as bleck)

AboutMetabonomicsThis game of chess… She said:

  ”At present, for master’s students in analytical chemistry, they can develop a set of metabolite small molecule detection method based on uhplc-ms, which actually meets the graduation requirements. However, the stability, universality and convenience of this method in the detection of large samples are difficult to be guaranteed. As we all know, after graduation, this method is like a martial arts secret script, facing the risk of loss, and we need to make further progress based on this method It is even more difficult to optimize and improve.”

“Our initial idea was to further refine the developed new method into a stable and reliable commercial testing service. No matter how many or thousands of samples are tested, no matter what type of samples, no matter which batch of samples, we can get consistent results. It is as convenient for scientific research users as using computers. We only use simple input (clear what to test), and we do standardized output (Quantitative test results), rather than letting each scientific research user build a computer from scratch (developing test methods).”


Yu men, deputy general manager of bleck

The pathogenesis of diseases and the changes of related metabolites have always been a hot spot in the field of life science research.Metabonomics通过检测技术,研究和发现人类某些标志物或代谢物的表型和规律,提前实现疾病的预防甚至治疗。而精准、快速、方便的检测设备和方案,也因此成为了疾病研究和治疗,以及整个Metabonomics发展的关键。

Agilent has been practicing“In China, for China”By providing Agilent’s cutting-edge, stable and high-performance product platform, as well as professional knowledge and technical teams, we can help more local partner enterprises achieve innovation and develop highly competitive new products and solutions for different market segments and needs.

Bleck technology R & D team and Agilent’s ultra high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (UHPLC MS/MS) platform

Recently, it is based on Agilent’s超高效液相色谱-串联质谱(UHPLC-

Test indicators of kit

Usually, expensive detection equipment and complex detection methods are needed to accurately measure the absolute structure of metabolites in human blood, urine, saliva and other samples, and quantify their concentrations and changes. Without a kit, it may take several months to develop a stable detection method according to the type, number, method, equipment and personnel proficiency of the detection target. The metabolite quantitative detection kit has the advantages of reagent integration, method standardization, convenient operation and so on, which can greatly improve the experimental efficiency and laboratory management efficiency of researchers, avoid the lengthy and complicated development and testing time of detection methods, and let researchers pay more attention to the data analysis itself rather than the development of instrument methods.

Whether teachers and students in Colleges and universities, research institutes, or researchers in clinical scientific research departments of medical institutions, mature commercialized kits can be used to accelerate scientific research progress and improve the reliability and reproducibility of test results. In the future, with the continuous in-depth research on the occurrence, development, prevention and treatment of diseases, such kits may also expand to the clinical detection dimension and open a new world in the field of IVD detection.

  安捷伦液相色谱系统的可靠性和稳定性极佳,系统耐压上限1300 bar,动态流速范围可高达 5
Triple quadrupole mass spectrometry has excellent sensitivity, precision and scanning speed, which can accurately quantify even a small amount of samples. These superior performances are the hardware basis for bleck to develop rapid quantitative detection methods. After a large number of different types of samples were tested and the detection methods were improved, commercial kit products were further derived.

Starting from application and meeting the actual needs of scientific researchers is the consistent goal of BlackRock. The targets covered by the kit have been carefully selected. In addition to 20 protein amino acids with rich functions, star molecular neurotransmitters and catecholamines in recent years have also been selected. The content of these two kinds of metabolites in organisms is very low, and it is very difficult to detect them. According to research, they may be related to a variety of diseases. Neurotransmitters have a wide range of regulatory effects on cardiovascular, neurological, endocrine and other organizational systems, and have an important impact on physiological activities such as sleep arousal, emotion, emotion, stress behavior and so on.


In addition to the diversity of applications, the newly developed kit products of bleck also have the following technical advantages:

 · tandem mass spectrometry:gold standard for quantitative detection of small molecules, with strong specificity, and simultaneous detection of multiple targets at one time

· sensitizing probe:authorized patent (Patent No.:ZL 201610424377.9, patent type:invention patent), specifically binds and carries its own charge, and the sensitivity is improved by at least two orders of magnitude

· small sample quantity:only 20~150 μ L blood sample or 20 μ L urine sample, still excellent for trace substances

· protect sulfhydryl:it has special protection for -sh that is easy to be oxidized, and can accurately detect the correct concentration of cysteine

Functions and applications of the kit



Bleck technology team


Therefore,In the future, both parties will continue to develop and transform richer quantitative metabolite detection kits to meet the actual needs of scientific research users, and look forward to further application and development of products in the health and medical fields.同时共同发力Metabonomics成果转化领域,探索新靶标、新产品、新应用,打造更多新型的科研乃至临检试剂盒,服务于“中国人健康”。

  安捷伦也将继续与行业合作伙伴通力协作,通过提供安捷伦尖端、稳定、高性能的产品platform,以及专业的服务和支持,助力更多本土企业实现创新和发展。接下来,通过“Liquid hand series”,我们也将分享更多基于安捷伦液相质谱platform实现创新的案例和故事,敬请期待!