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Wonderful review | the successful conclusion of the third thousand people’s Conference on atmospheric monitoring

On July 13, with the strong support of 15 experts, the”third atmospheric monitoring technology and application” themed webinar planned and held by the instrument information network lecture hall was successfully concluded. The conference lasts for 1.5 days, with more than 1200 participants. Three special sessions, full of highlights!

  • Greenhouse gas special:background of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, new progress in infrared spectroscopy, new situation of optical cavity ring down, continuous monitoring with high accuracy

At 9:00 a.m. on July 12, Fu Qingyan, director of Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, made an opening report of the conference, and made a prospect and Reflection on the atmospheric monitoring technology in combination with the background of the synergy of pollution reduction and carbon reduction in China. At the end of the report, Director Fu had an online interactive exchange with the professional audience in the live broadcast room.

Xu Liang, deputy director of the Institute of optics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a wonderful report on infrared spectroscopy, focusing on the research progress of domestic infrared spectroscopy and its application in environmental monitoring.

As a domestic enterprise with strong independent research and development ability, Kang Wenfeng, a teacher from Hebei ziruo, brought the company’s core technology product – greenhouse gas detector based on CRDs laser cavity ring down technology, which attracted many audience teachers’ questions during the live broadcast; In the same period, Lu Wentao, a teacher from hailandar, Jiangsu Province, shared the high-precision greenhouse gas monitoring system and its application in navigation observation, which was eye-catching.

Finally, the morning meeting ended with the report of the special guest, Mr. Yang Yong from Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center. Aiming at the hot spots of greenhouse gas monitoring, Mr. Yang focused on sharing the high-precision continuous automatic monitoring technology of carbon dioxide and methane in the ambient air and the progress of related work.

  • Special session of new technology and intelligent monitoring:air monitoring is a network, there are new ways to trace the source of odor, fine particle detection is still key, and new discoveries are made in spectrum and mass spectrometry

At 14:00 on July 12, Professor Liu Yuzhu from Nanjing University of information engineering shared with us the latest research progress of the research group, focusing on the latest achievements and discoveries of LIBS technology in situ online detection technology in atmospheric environment research; Zhao Hansong, a teacher of semefi, brought a multi-channel mass spectrometry solution for the traceability of semefi odor to help the accurate traceability of VOC in industrial parks; In terms of aerosol and fine particle detection, Ms. Deng Jun of Pallas explained in detail the application of the new aerosol spectroscopy method in the study of environmental fine particles, and introduced the excellent products of Pallas.

Finally, Meng he, a teacher from Qingdao Environmental Monitoring Center, shared the award-winning technology of the research group for the first time, and comprehensively and vividly displayed the current situation of three-dimensional atmospheric monitoring in Qingdao, which gave us a richer understanding of urban atmospheric monitoring technology.

  • Special session of air compound pollution:VOC and ozone are very subtle, and filtration and pretreatment are all necessary. Fine particles are encountered in online mass spectrometry, so attention should be paid to the detection of inorganic elements

At 9 a.m. on July 13, Mr. Gao Rui, deputy director of the Research Office of the causes of atmospheric composite pollution of the Institute of atmospheric environment, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, as a special guest, attended the next day’s meeting and made an opening report, sharing the latest research results – the impact of coal chemical industry on VOCs and urban ambient air O3.

Based on the complexity of VOC on environmental pollution, Dushijuan, a teacher from Shimadzu, shared Shimadzu’s solutions for volatile organic compounds in the ambient air; Zhang Bing, teacher of Maxus, introduced the latest revision of HJ 759, and analyzed the difficulties of the electronic refrigeration preconcentration system GCMS method for the determination of volatile organic compounds in ambient air, which showed us the superior performance of Maxus pretreatment system and Agilent’s GCMS products.

For atmospheric fine particles, Professor Gai Xinlei from Nanjing University of information engineering focused on the online mass spectrometry monitoring and characterization of environmental atmospheric fine particles; Mr. Wu Jin of cytiva introduced the application of Whatman filter products in atmospheric monitoring.

At the end of the conference, Liu Yue, a young expert from Tianjin Ecological Environment Monitoring Center, shared the analysis and testing technology of inorganic elements in PM2.5 particles, and explained the precautions in detail from the aspects of sampling, pretreatment, analysis and so on. The content is very operational.

The conference, which took 1.5 days and was attended by 15 experts, brought professional reports on atmospheric monitoring to 1200 + listeners, covering greenhouse gases, VOC, ozone, particulate matter and other pollutants, involving new detection technologies and monitoring and supervision means such as infrared spectroscopy, LIBS spectroscopy, cavity ring down spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, aerosol colloid spectroscopy, and atmospheric three-dimensional monitoring system.

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