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Xihu Weitai received tens of millions of investment in pre-A round to provide accurate mass spectrometry detection technology for medicine

Medical examination and diagnostic services focusing on maternal and infant healthWest Lake Weitai announced that it had completed the pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, and the investor was meinian great health. Hangzhou Hetu No. 6, a subsidiary of meinian health industry investment fund, participated in this round of financing.

Public information shows that,West Lake Weitai is a diagnostic institution engaged in clinical mass spectrometry detection of metabolic small molecules in the transformation of a series of achievements of West Lake University; Internationally, it is the first to realize the accurate mass spectrometry detection of the comprehensive metabolic capacity of red blood cell B vitaminsIt provides an unprecedented accurate detection technology for maternal and child, reproduction, cardio cerebrovascular, geriatric diseases, health medicine and other fields. This round of financing will speed up the operation of West Lake Weitai in IVD production center, biomedical research and development center and medical laboratory in Hangzhou and Beijing.