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“Yitou Biying” phase II:spectrum recruitment zone

Affected by the epidemic, some urban enterprises and institutions still have production and operation pressure, and many enterprises have reduced or even cancelled the recruitment demand. At the same time, most candidates have reduced their willingness to apply for jobs and are more inclined to be stable in the epidemic environment. Some candidates are even restricted to travel due to isolation and other reasons, and then give up interview opportunities, which directly or indirectly affects the recruitment work of enterprises.

The talent channel of the instrument information network focuses on the employment services of talents in the scientific instrument industry and the inspection and testing industry. In order to help the employment of professionals in the industry, we specially launched a series of activities called”instrument investment Bing”. The first phase is the”electron microscope recruitment zone”, which has been strongly welcomed by enterprises and job seekers. In order to help enterprises and users in the industry fully resume work and production, The talent channel launched the second phase of”spectrum recruitment zone” of”instrument investment Bing” to help enterprises in the spectrum industry recruit professional talents and help spectral talents successfully apply for jobs.

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Activity description

Job fair name:spectrum recruitment area

Job fair link:

Time of job fair:July 22, 2022 – August 12, 2022

Registration method

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