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Yunnan has issued a list of more than 1200 provincial-level major projects involving biomedicine, new energy, etc. (attached list)

Recently, Yunnan development and Reform Commission released the list of major provincial projects in Yunnan Province in 2022 and the list of”top priority” projects in Yunnan Province in 2022,There are more than 1200 projects in the provincial list of major projects, involving new energy, new materials, agriculture, digital economy, biomedicine and other industrial fieldsIt includes the infrastructure construction project of Yunnan carbon neutralization demonstration Industrial Park, the production project of Chinese patent medicine of Yunnan Kainuo heshengtang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the steroid hormone pharmaceutical intermediates, the API reconstruction and expansion project, etc. Of which,104 items entered the”top priority” listIncluding Yunnan cloud 5g big data Industrial Park, Yunnan Qujing regional medical center, Yunnan Northeast Regional Medical Center construction project, etc.

The development and Reform Commission of Yunnan Province proposed that the”two lists” should be managed by levels and categories. All localities and departments should take the annual provincial major projects and the annual”top priority” projects as the starting point for the expansion of effective investment and the research focus for the comprehensive coordination and promotion of major projects, actively identify regional and industrial projects, pay attention to the scheduling and coordination of project implementation, and promote the early implementation of major projects to bring benefits into play. The provincial development and Reform Commission conducts weekly scheduling and monthly notification for annual provincial major projects and”top priority” projects, regularly collects difficult problems in the process of project promotion, schedules the progress of major projects, studies problems that need to be solved at the provincial level, and makes every effort to promote the implementation of major projects to form effective investment.

The development and Reform Commission of Yunnan Province requires that all localities and departments should simplify the project approval process, materials and time, reduce the approval cost, and implement the conditional approval of”tolerance + commitment” for non”red line” matters; Strengthen the overall planning and coordination of land, forest and energy use indicators at the provincial level,Give priority to the annual”top priority” projects and give key support to the annual provincial major projects;We will continue to increase efforts to secure central funds, strengthen the coordinated linkage between budgetary investment, fiscal funds and financing by financial institutions, and strive to ensure the construction funds for major projects;Focus on industrial investment, especially industrial investment, infrastructure modernization system construction, etc,Plan and reserve a number of major projects; Strengthen the evaluation of the implementation process of major projects, and form a good atmosphere of striving for excellence and learning to catch up in the whole province.

List of major provincial projects in Yunnan Province in 2022 xlsx

List of”top priority” projects in Yunnan Province in 2022 xlsx