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Zhifenling technology, an industrial intelligent sensor enterprise, received nearly US $10 million in a+ round financing

Recently, zhifenling technology, a provider of industrial intelligent sensor solutions, announced that it had completed a round of financing of nearly ten million dollars, which was jointly invested by capital investment and yiheda. Potential capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor.

This round of financing will be mainly used in two aspects. First, in terms of research and development, the company will continue to expand the bottom R & D team to support the research and development of optoelectronic bottom devices, chips and optics, while building five laboratories such as precision optics, upgrading intelligent workshops and increasing production capacity; Second, in terms of business, the company continued to upgrade the business flow of all departments, added 6 field offices, formed a service network that can support 200 core dealers and 40000 users, further improved customer experience and service speed, and provided more comprehensive industrial intelligent sensor solutions.

Founded in 2010, zhifenling technology mainly focuses on the development of industrial smart sensors, and provides sophisticated intelligent and AI sensing solutions including high-precision positioning, image recognition, precision measurement and obstacle avoidance safety for 3C electronics, new energy, semiconductor manufacturing, medical electronics and service robot industries.

In recent years, the rapid development of the industrial Internet of things has greatly stimulated the explosion of the industrial sensor market. As one of the important devices in the industrial field, smart sensors can be widely used in 3C electronics, lithium/photovoltaic, smart logistics, semiconductors, medical testing, engineering machinery and other fields, and the domestic substitution demand has increased significantly.

According to the marketsandmarkets report, the global industrial sensor market is expected to grow from US $20.6 billion (about 138.04 billion yuan) in 2021 to US $31.9 billion (about 213.76 billion yuan) in 2026. From 2021 to 2026, the market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.1%.

However, for a long time, the global industrial sensor market has been mainly occupied by foreign brands such as Omron, Panasonic, sick and KEYENCE. In addition to their accumulation in the layout of new semiconductor materials and core technology patents, the localization rate of China’s industrial intelligent sensor market is low, about 30%, facing challenges such as lack of core technology, excess low-end products and serious product homogenization.

Founder of zhifenling technology & According to CEO Tang Xinxin, in addition to doing a good job in the underlying technology, industrial intelligent sensors also need to improve brand strength and build sales networks. He said that the company was initially established to act as an agent for the German industrial sensor brand. In 2011, it established the meijidenki brand, formed the initial product line through strategic cooperation with scan company in Taiwan, China, and began to independently develop industrial photoelectric sensor products in 2014.

Today, zhifenling technology has built four product lines of precision positioning sensors, deep learning, precision measurement sensors and safety obstacle avoidance sensors, covering 14 categories and 93 different series. Among them, the core of the company is precision positioning sensors and precision measurement sensors.

For example, in the manufacturing process of power battery, Meiji sensor can provide thickness measurement, color recognition, single and double sheet detection, micron laser correction, coating thickness measurement products of power battery pole pieces, AI sensing solutions based on deep learning flaw and scratch detection, intelligent code reading and safety protection, and can also support copper ban scenes Customized sensor services for special applications such as high temperature sensing and dry and strong acid environment.

Tang Xinxin said that the core competitive advantage of the company lies in its leading optoelectronic technology, AI bottom R & D capability, industrial sensor R & D capability, optical forward design capability, precision process platform support, covering chips, algorithms, materials, optics and precision engineering, and its products can better cope with the harsh industrial environment. In addition, the packaging process of zhifenling technology can improve the consistency of products and ensure the stable use of products in industrial sites.

“Compared with our peers, we are a concept driven industrial sensor enterprise that can break through the bottom and has positive R & D capabilities. Our differentiation is not only to provide high-quality, high-precision, intelligent integrated industrial sensor products, but also to provide a one-stop user experience.” Tang Xinxin said.

The realization of this series of capabilities is closely related to the team of zhifenling technology. The company has a team size of nearly 300 people, with R & D personnel accounting for more than 30%. The core team comes from well-known enterprises such as Siemens, Huawei, Intel, Honeywell, Eaton, sik, keens and so on. It brings together a group of outstanding scientists and engineers in the industry, and has 20 years of industrial and technical experience in the field of industrial sensing.

Today, zhifenling technology has more than 120 core patents, and has R & D centers in Shenzhen and Changsha, with an annual production capacity of 10 million. Among them, this year alone, Meiji sensor shipments will exceed 6million, with more than 200 agents worldwide, customers in 60 countries and regions, and more than 16000 cooperative customers. Many well-known manufacturers, suppliers and integrators use the company’s products to ensure that the products they produce meet the quality requirements of users, including apple, Huawei, Foxconn, Samsung, BYD, ATL, Sany and other enterprises.

In terms of revenue, the company’s revenue continued to grow in 2021, achieving nearly 100 million yuan of revenue, of which more than 60%came from 3C electronics and new energy markets. It is expected that the total revenue will increase by 120%this year. At the same time, the international market of zhifenling technology is also developing rapidly, with the international market revenue accounting for nearly 20%in 2021.

In terms of system, zhifenling technology is comprehensively improving the business flow of new product development and listing, manufacturing and delivery, and sales service, and clarifying the rights, responsibilities, and division of labor of each department through the sorting of the main process.”A clear business flow is an important guarantee for zhifenling technology to become an industry breaker.” Tang Xinxin said.

“Although the epidemic has had a certain impact on the supply chain, we are building safety stocks to alleviate the pressure on the supply chain.” Tang Xinxin mentioned that, on the other hand, the epidemic has also accelerated the unmanned and automated development of intelligent manufacturing, which will benefit the growth of the industry to a certain extent.

In the next year, based on self-developed chips, experimental platforms and process systems, zhifenling technology will successively launch products such as micron laser displacement, precision TOF ranging optoelectronics, high-precision fiber amplifier, color sensor, intelligent code reader and visual sensor, IO link series sensor, and further upgrade the integration, high precision, easy operation and economy of products. In addition, the company will speed up the development of customized products based on customer needs and provide one-stop intelligent sensor solutions for customers in the industrial field.

Mayanxin, vice president of Shunwei capital investment, said:”Industrial sensors are the bottom devices in the field of automation and the sensing foundation of intelligent manufacturing. The fragmentation of industrial sensor demand scenarios, the diversification of use and installation, and the difficulties of cold start-up, scale-up and branding of start-ups. We are glad to see that after years of accumulation, zhifenling has made a breakthrough in scale and branding. We expect the company to seize the development opportunity, continue to improve in the field of industrial sensors and achieve domestic industry Industry leading brand of sensors.”

Jin Liguo, chairman of yiheda, said:”As a mainstream supplier of domestic sensors, zhifenling has always attached great importance to product construction and invested a lot of money every year in the design and development of new products, as well as in brand building and overseas market promotion. Relying on the advantages of China’s perfect industrial chain, it can not only ensure product quality, but also solve the problem of product delivery. We believe that in the context of domestic substitution, with the continuous enrichment and performance of its product line Zhifenling will go further and more firmly on this track.”